Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Google+ got shutdown

google+ shut down

It’s Officially confirmed! 

google shutting down April 2nd Really, "failed" seems google + shut down a bit disappointment - Google plus. Over 52.5 million users of Google+ profiles is google drive shutting down 2019 have been found security flaws. Further soon Google+ APIs within the next 90 days is going to google + account Google was supposed to kill it because the company spent hundreds of millions of dollars working on it google plus.

The bug was discovered on March 2018. google shut down email says that therefore, there is no evidence of developers being aware of this bug. That protected data has been misused.
Google + had no takers further on.on Monday Google+ announced was a dead product walking malicious developer to collect the data of hundreds of thousands of users, Google+ for consumers as part of a data privacy measure team that is google shutting down Gmail was divided and had no grand vision.
it faced in maintaining and continuing the service.


But why?

Low usage of Plus services, All data of the site are inoccured from the news feed to profiles. failure to meet consumers’ expectations, and, a massive security path updates.
The countdown to the end of G+ is now in final stage.No More on the Security. Along with this feature, Google+ from Blogger and other features has been removed.
  • Photos and videos backed up to Google Photos will not be deleted.
  • More information will be available over the coming months, that users can download and migrate their data.
  • G+ users who still use account would have their accounts remain active and only they need to contact their G Administrator.
If you are now who uses Google +

Here is How You Can Download All Your Data
google + shut down

  •  Log in to your
    Google + account and go to the ‘Download Your Data’ page. All the data that is available on the Google + platform will already be selected.
  •  If you want to download your content from your Google +, click the down arrow and then click "Select Specific Data". then download and click OK.
  •  Once you have confirmed the data downloaded, click Next.
  •  By clicking next, A new page would load that would let you select the type of file zip, the size of the archive file, You can get the download link via email, Google Drive,  Dropbox
  •  When you are done, click on Create Archive.
  • Google has become stated low usage and security concerns were the reasons the company decided to shut down the service. G Suite users can still have accessibility through the platform.

    Back Days of google:

    The network launched in June 2011.111 million active users 2015.


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