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WhatsApp Touch id and Face id

WhatsApp Touch id and Face id


WhatsApp: Beta ( 2.19.20 ) 
WhatsApp for iPhone users just rolled out the new most authentication feature of this year as WhatsApp TOUCH ID OR FACE ID authentication feature. This feature allows into the lock the chats using biometric id scanners called as TOUCH ID OR FACE ID. whenever you need to open WhatsApp you will ask for TOUCH ID OR FACE ID to open.

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Supporting Devices: 

📱iphone 5s

📱iphone SE

📱iphone 6

📱iphone 6plus

📱iphone 6s+










iOS devices that running on 9 or + above versions.

How can I get this WhatsApp app authentication feature:

TOUCH ID OR FACE ID authentication.


1) check the versions of your present WhatsApp app 
launch WhatsApp app
  •  settings                             
  •  help         
  • app info 
  • version ( 2.19.20 )

2) Go to WhatsApp Settings.
Select Account>Privacy.

3) Next, enable touch id or face id.
options: immediately
  • after 1 minute.
  • after 15 minutes.
  •  after 1 hour.

         On the other hand, there are some other improvements & bug fixes in a beta update in regards to the performance of iOS devices.

⍖soon on rolling out on WhatsApp update to ANDROID📱 devices too:
I will update when WhatsApp app is rolling to Android devices stay tuned to...!


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