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500+ Free Directory Submission Sites List

500+ Free Directory Submission Sites List

Directory Submissions is an Off-Page SEO Link Building Technique which is used to create Backlink or linkback or we can say simply that Directory Submission Sites are those sites we can submit our Website URL same as a Store. Directory Submissions are store all the Links Category wise, Like(Arts, Entertainment, Education and Blogs etc). This post I will cover all the in-detailed information about Directory Submissions.

Directory Submission==>Boost SEO and Drive Traffic.

Directory Submission:

  1. What is Directory Submission?
  2. Benefits of Directory Submission?
  3. How To Do Directory Submission?
  4. Top Directory Submission Sites List

What Is Directory Submission:

Directory Submission is an Off-Page SEO Link Building Technique. Which we can use to build backlinks for our website. You can Submit your Link to Online Directories and get backlinks from them and increase our Link Popularity to our website.

The Main Aim of Directory Submission Sites List is that if we get Backlinks from different directories, Improve our website Alexa rank and increase more traffic to our website.

In simple words, Directory Submission Sites are online websites which fulfill our website URL to them. Directory Submissions are store every in-detailed information about Website Owner and website Category.

Types Of Directory Submission Sites:

There are mainly three types of Directory Submission Sites

  1. Free Directory Submission Sites
  2. Paid Directory Submission Sites
  3. Reciprocal Directory Submission Sites List

Free Directory Submission:

If you choose Free Directory Submission then it will take some time(3 months or 6 months ) to approve because of its review by the author when you submit your URL.

ProTip: Sometimes it will not accept your Website URL.

Paid Directory Submission:

If you choose Paid Directory Submission then you will need to pay Money to directory owner to save Your website URL will be within 24 hours. It is very fast and easy approval to build backlinks. Some of them are Lifetime Yearly Subscription.

Reciprocal Directory Submission:

If you choose Reciprocal Directory Submission then the directory owner's link will save to our website, then the owner will save your Website URL. This is reciprocal Link.

Benefits of Directory Submission Sites

Increase your Website Backlinks.

Permanent Listing or Backlink.

Fast Indexing of your Website.

Use the Right Keyword to help rank faster.

Step By Step Process for Free Directory Submission:

Follow all the below information.

ProTip: Use Autofill extension or plugin.

  • Site Title
  • Site URL
  • Email ID
  • Site Description
  • Meta Tag Keywords
  • Deep Hyperlink Title
  • Deep Link URL

500+ Free Directory Submission Sites List 2019

The below listed all websites are related to Free Directory Submission Sites List. Some of them are free, some are paid and another Reciprocal.

Free Directory Submission Sites List 2019

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Final words:

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