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Search Engine Optimization Overview

Search Engine Optimization Overview:

SEO: Search Engine Optimization:

Are you a blogger? Then you must heard about SEO. It is the process of increasing the number of visitors to a particular blog or a website and that site appears on high priority on the list of the results returned by a search engine.

How many Blog Posts are Published to Google Daily

Any Guess?

Approximately 2 Million Blog Posts are Published by Wordpress. The result for this is for every second 24 blog posts are published.

For 1 minute around 1440, blog posts are published.

These posts count is only for Wordpress. If we add blog posts then surely it will higher.


Majority 75% of the searches by Google only. Many of the users are searching on google. The Fact is that the first five results of the first page on Google gets 67% of the clicks. Now You get an overview of search engine optimization is why so important.

If your blog post is on another page of Google search then it is not at all rank.

How it works:

Till now you have an idea about SEO.

Google searching it works under 200 determining factors.

There are two shades of SEO:
  • Black Hat 
  • White Hat
In Search Engine Optimization Technology Black hat SEO refers to the use of aggressive SEO Strategies tactics and techniques that are focused only on search engines, not the human audience. They don't obey the community search engine guidelines.

  • Links from sites with irrelevant content.
  • Redirecting to the user to another page or site.
  • Invisible text and Stuffed Keywords.
  • Duplicate content.
  • Unique and relevant Page Titles.
  • HTML Standards.
  • Good spelling and good grammar.
  • References and Relevant Links.
  • Well-labeled Images.
  • Relevant content.

SEO Types:

There are 2 types of SEO

1.On-Page Search Engine Optimization:

2.Off-Page Search Engine Optimization:

On-Page Search Engine Optimization List:

Follow below mentioned On-Page SEO Techniques:

#Front Load Your Title Tag:

Pro Tip: Google Puts more weight on words found at the beginning of your title tag. Include your Targeted Keyword at the beginning of your Title Tag.

#SEO Friendly URL's:

Pro Tip:Remove the date and Category from older posts URL. It makes a significant Higher Rankings.

#Use Multimedia in Blog Posts:

Pro Tip: Include atleast one Multimedia Type:(Like Images, Screenshots, Video and Audio)

#Use Outbound Links:

Pro Tip: Include atleast 2 outbound links to related authority sites(Popular posts, news sites,edu and gov resources)

#Include Your Keyword in the Beginning of your Post:

Pro Tip: Include your Targeted Keyword in the First 100 words of your Article.

#Use H1 Tag:

Pro Tip: Make sure Your Keyword is an H1 Tag.

#Loading Speed:

Pro Tip: Use Google Page Speed Insights too to figure out your site's loading speed.


  • 90-100........>>Fast
  • 50-89........>>Average
  • 0-49.........>>Slow

#Add Modifiers to your Title Tag:

Pro Tip: Add Modifiers like "2018", "best", "guide" to help your rank for long tail versions of your Targeted Keyword.

#Prominent Social Media Sharing Buttons:

Pro Tip: Make sure your social sharing buttons are front and center on blog posts.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • Youtube
  • VK
Daily SEO Information will be Updated... 

Tech Chotu Conclusion: Most of the bloggers don't have patience. In SEO Patience is a wonderful tool for us. Overnight our website or blog will not be highlighted, it takes time to rank. So Guys be patience and work well with good SEO tactics.

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