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1. What is a VPN?

3. How to connect VPN?
4. How Does VPN Works?
5. What is the best VPN to use?
6.List of the free VPN's
7. What is a VPN?
8. Can you track via VPN?

What is a VPN?

  • VPN(a virtual private network ) is a secure tunnel space between two or more nodes / Devices.VPNs are used to protect your private traffic analysis of your web.VPNs use safe and secure by routing your connections through the server by hiding your actions.
  • As there are many FREE VPN's are available in the market you can get easily by downloading via the internet.
  • Some are available as pay-per-use which you can get for pay as you use the server. Mainly this is very preferable to use and many businessmen can use it as frequently with their connectivity.

How to connect VPN?

steps to connect VPN connectivity:

search any VPN apps and sites from the app store.

  • Download free VPN client software from (PC/mobile).
  • launch the VPN app to make connect, click on connect VPN.
  • Use wifi (or) mobile data to use VPN.
  • the final step it shows that you are connected to VPN security.

How Does VPN Works?

  • A VPN works through the network encryption connections made over the internet resources. Because the traffic is encrypted between network and devices it can be as a private. An employee can work outside the office and still, he can able to be secure his Network accessibility.
What is the best VPN to use?

  • As per my request, you Proton VPN is the right for my choice you can get it for free VPN and it is a turbovpn you can surf it as for free source. Both you can use in MOBILE and for PC.
List of the free VPNs:
  • Express VPN
  • Hotspot shield
  • Proton VPN
  • Hide.me
  • Opera
  • TunnelBear.
Can you track via VPN?

A VPN is likely protecting you from various factors. Yes, you can be tracked by using VPN with external methods.

Is VPN really safe to use?

Yes, VPN is very secure to use and it will protect you by every time what you use and that keeps you encrypted always. but due to some unwanted proxy vpn's be aware of it.

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