Thursday, 4 April 2019

How To Report Invalid Clicks To Google Adsense

How To Report Invalid Clicks To Google Adsense

Some of them who had no Knowledge about Google Adsense, they are clicking their own Google Adsense Ads Manually to Increase their Revenue. Here one thing Google is More Intelligent then Us. That's why Google Adsense is in First Place. Google Even knows what we are in Searching in Incognito Mode and Our Locations too. I Faced these issues Many Times. When I saw Adsense Click Bombing or Invalid Clicks, I was Very Scared with full of tension about getting Banned?

Anyway, I found a way to Report Google Adsense Team About Invalid Clicks.

Whenever you get a lot of Clicks from One User, Google will Understand someone is Trying to Manipulate Your Google Adsense Account. Adsense Credits the Fraud/Invalid Clicks revenue on estimated earnings Initially, it will be discredited once they detected it as a Fraud. You didn't worry About Google Adsense Invalid Clicks, Google will Know all the Information;

Who is Clicking

> Locations

> Which Device

> Multiple Clicks From One User

But One thing I Personally Suggest that You Must Report Google Adsense Team Whenever you find out some Strange or Invalid Activity on Google Adsense. It is very easy and You will sleep without any Tension.

Pro Tip: Check Regularly Google Analytics(where the Users are coming from and locations)

How To Notify About Google Adsense Invalid Clicks:

First of all, It is not Compulsory to report Google Adsense about Fraud Clicks. But if you want to stop worrying about banned your Google Adsense Account. Then only You may Contact Google Adsense Team.

To Notify, Google Adsense Invalid Clicks, You will need to fill out the Invalid Clicks Contact Form

Just Simply Enter Your Contact Information. Just Enter Your 

> Name:

> Email Address:

> Publisher ID:

> URL(where AD Code Appears):

> Select A Topic:(Select Your Subject)

> Date, Time and Click Activity:

Write A Paragraph What you will believe(that the click is Invalid):
It Also asks for describing why those clicks are invalid to you and to Indicate Suspicious IP Address, referrers or requests. If you don't have any data or description to put there, Just Leave it this is not mandatory and Click "SUBMIT" Button.


You are Done.


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