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ey guys today i am getting in to a new Faceapp online is the most used one in the present app is that for face app android, it brings the ages of you when you are in the old  ages it is now trending on all the social media face app on pc platforms like, Facebook, Instagram, whatsapp, twitter, and all the other sharing media. And you can download it for free as  
 face app free for android as well as for apple users wherein app stores. faceapp download.

Face out as far age factor so this app has been popular I've been there's a lot of features a recent update that has come is called faceapp as age factor this is something that here where you can take a picture can change the age it tells you how you may after 10 years you or 20 years.

Age factor you have options like getting old young too in face app young so a picture instantly and then do it so you need to hit this camera have a look at your face so tap on it and go to process okay and if the edge button here and selected old.

Yaa guys so that's how the face app on the age factor works its an old app but new feature that is right now very very popular.
  • If you are in offline so please get connected to the internet.
  1. save photos from the camera
  2. save results in HD
  3. watermark

Every day you will be seen many posts on a single blog so all the stuff landed in a single place for your friends.

Options in FaceApp

  • Smile 
  • impression
  • age
  • Stylist
  • college
  • Duo
  • Mirror
  • Lens

  • Crop
  • Adjustment
  • vignette
  • Tattoo
  • Overlay
  • Background
  • Lens Blur
  • Filters

Face App PRO version-

  • 1 month @299/-
  • 12 months @1599/- ( 60% OFF )
  • OO forever Most popular @3099/- one time.
  • Full-Size filters
  • Filter updates
  • Mix and match styles
  • Ad-free experience
  • Premium content.
  • Full-sized filters.
  • No watermarks.
  • No ads.

Face App Collection 

  • gallery
  • facebook
  • celebs
  • faces

About FACE APP presenting the funniest app in 2019 was in trending on #1.
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