Saturday, 20 July 2019

Free Logo Maker Online


Hi, guys iam from today iam gonna show you how you make a free logo maker. So let's get started to our topic it is made free logo in just simple steps 
make a free logo online is very simple hard to do it and they will be charged to get but in with a small trick of techchotu by make logo online free following it you will be creating an amazing make free logos online at the end of this article.

Free make a logo online

  • Go to logo making tool in the google search box or else click the link
  •  and it will take you to the page.
  • Now you were be seen the sample logo.
  • Create a new it will be a blank page where we are going to creating our logo.
  • Create an icon of our logo
  • so to make the icon go to the left sidebar and click the add symbol button at were you ill be getting all the different types of icons.
  • And a different type of categories listed there.
  • choose any one that resembles your brand name or which your option to your brand image.
  • Then pick any one of the icons you like it, they are many icons listed there so make a keen observation in it.
  • After selecting the icon create more unique as you like that you want to change the color of the icon, click which part of the icon you want to change the color it will show many colors and mixed ones, Select anyone and then change.
Customize Your Icon

You are not liking in the icon properties in it so you can get deleted it by simply clicking the eye button on the left side or else you can add as you like it.

Adding Brand Name to your Logo Design

  • Click on Add text it will be the left part of THEHOOTH.
  • Create you own text by branding yourself.
  • You can also add your own tag line by the same process by adding one more text to it.
  • You can change the size by simply moving your mouse point by dragging to up move.
  • If you want to change the text of the color just click on it and change it.

At last we created our logo succesfully with making unique tricks and tips for free.

  • Download the logo from just tapping on the download button listed top.
  • please get it by entering in your email id then save and continue.
  • check your mailbox you will be getting an attachment there within zip files.
  • just download it and extract them.
  • Once you downloaded just open and see the magic that you have done by creating your own logo.


Here you will be creating your own FREE LOGO MAKER with just in below 10minutes or even below too.

I hope everyone will be using this one and let do post in the comment section below.
Credits will be given to everyone who uses this logo making.

Please provide your feedback in the comment section below and let me improve further.


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