Monday, 29 July 2019

How to edit INSTAGRAM pics like a PRO

instagram photos make like a pro


Hey Guys This Is Techchotu Here Edit Photos Instagram You Will Bee Leaning That How To Edit Pics In Instagram Photos.
So This Is A Photo Edit Photos For Instagram That Is Did Some Edits And Post It On Instagram And This Is A Photo Edit Photos In Instagram Straight Out Of My Smartphones Camera So Let Me Redo The Editing Ans Show You How I Edit Photos On Instagram Did It So, First Of All, I Open The Snapseed App And Snapseed Works For Me Its Available Both For Ios And Android And Its Free To Use Edit Photos With Instagram. So Right When I Open Snapseeed See It You Will See A Lot of Edit Photos For Instagram App Of Filters So Apply Any Filter That Looks Cool On Your Photo The Morning One Edit Photo Instagram Online Is In This Case Really Cool So Just I Applied That.


  • Go-To Tools. 
  • Tune Image.
  • Sliders A Bit.
  • If You Long Press And Then Swipe Up You Will Get The 
  • Brightness.
  • Contract.
  • Saturation.

So You Can Increase The Size Abit And Can Decrease A Bit Low. I Always Bump Up The Saturation A Bit To Make The Image Pop So In This Case Also I Do That. I Generally Bring Down The Highlights To Get Some Details From The Sky So I Will Do That Here Also And Ill Just Bring The Shadow A Bit Up So That The Grow, In The End, Ill Just Set This Temperature The Tone Of The Image Wheather You Want A Varnish Look Ar A Cool One So Ill Just Cool Down The Image By 10% Now Ill Go Into The Tools 

Once Again Bring Up The Details Of It So That People Can See The Lines The Fine Lines On The Architecture So Ill Do One More Thing I Will Go In To The Tools And Once Again Ill Go In To The Selective And With The Help Of This Selective You Can Just Select-Object And Change Brightness Or Contract Our Structure Of That Particular Object Only So Ill Increase The Brightness Of This Flower A Bit Yeah That's Done There One More Cool Thing I Make Use Of All The Time The Healing Tool So With The Help Of This Tool You Can Remove Any Object From The Image.

edit using snapseed app

I Downloaded This Image Frim Internet That Tool And Its Has A Pre Written Text On It On It Want To Remove It I Just Swipe It And Its Gone Like 90% Of The People Wont Be Able To Tell Oh This Image Had A Text On It.And If I'm In The Mood Ill Add Some Fake Lens Also To The Photo If Its A Portrait Or Something So I Use This App Called Lens Distortion Its Available For Both Ios And Android So Ill Just Adda Lens Flare And You Guys Just Make Sure To Place The Lenns Flare Where The Light Is Comming For You Need To Make It Natural And Also Reduce The Opacity Of The Player The 100% Doesn't Look Good In Any Photo So Its For This Guys.


Feel Free To Share Your Edits With Me On Instagram And Ill See You In The Next One.

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