Tuesday 30 July 2019

Inspect element TIPS that are hidden


inspect element tips

so most of you might have heard about inspect element in firefox this powerful feature inspect element shortcut in your browser yes the inspect element chrome and while it i true that most of it is useful only for web developers but inspect element in safari 
some times the people like you and me you know the average user can also inspect element on iPhone find it useful now in this one we see about not only the fun part of inspect element mac like editing the web page and changing the test instead.


  • finding out the font.
  • background images that are hidden under the surface.
  • recovering your lost password.
  • even changing of removing geo-restriction by using GPS hacks.

now pretty much every web browser has an inspect element but hidden in some were in the developer's settings for this instance inspect element react native we are going to google chrome so to access inspect element just go to the website you want to edit.
then right-click on the page and choose inspect 

shortcut key for inspecting element 
  • CTRL+SHIFT+I [windows]
  • COMMAND+I [mac]

since it much quicker now by default the new window opens to the right but i prefer to keep at the bottom it gives you more room to expand it also make sure to on the dark mode from the settings it makes easier to see. next time you launch the inspect element it will remember the changes lets we are ready to see some magic over there.

so minimal colors are not often than iam searching google images just to find the right color palette from my blog post feature image or youtube thumbnail or say if you have a particular website color scheme that catches your eye and you want to find out what color they are using you can also install a color picker extension but there is a faster way to do it.

simply bring up the inspect element tap and click on the style tab now click on the small box next to the color and this will ring up the color picker tool inside inspect element also has color picker built in and now click on anywhere on the web page whose color you want to extract and there you go will see the hex code inside inspect element simply copy pz6 code in your photoshop or whatever image editor you are using and here you go. 

if you want to login to the instagram on your mobile but don't remember the password and fortunately you have it saved on your web browser now instead of going through the painstaking process of password reset you can easily revel the hidden password from the web browser right-click on password filed then right-click on the inspect element this will open the document inspector window and all you have to do is replace the "password" with "text",now you refresh the page and there you go can see your password there.


i have gone through a lot of research on all these hidden tips & tricks from www.techchotu.com so just get set on further do.

thank you

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