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ios 13 features and Release

ios 13 features and Release

The New EcoSystem is Comming Up with Apple ios 13 in and around the world.
Ios 13 is coming up with new latest top one of the list id DARK MODE ios 13 notch features ios 13 apple music is now redefined and can easily download up to n thousand music.
ios 13 features
The brand new ios 13 is compatible devices.

  • iPhone 5,
  • iPhone 5SE,
  • iPhone 6,
  • iPhone 6+,
  • iPhone 7,
  • iPhone 7+,
  • iPhone 8,
  • phone x,
  • iPhone xR,
  • iPhone xs max.

Release Date.
ios 13 is now testing on the beta version later on its official global releases stable version on September 13.

Try Public Beta Version.

If you want to try the beta version lest get into the direct ios 13 download link can be installed on your ios devices. But better to wait up to stock ios 13 stable version to get full possible to your apple mobiles. Now it's officially updated to public beta 3 versions. 
NOTE: Firstly back up your device properly and Try at your own risk, because it is only for developers part to fixing the bugs and later enrolling the new beta version.

Top Features of ios 13.

  • Dark Mode ios 13

(ios 13 will allow users to turn their interface dark mode, which Apple says that it will save battery power and be easier to look on the eyes).

  • Reminder App

(Reminders has been completely redefined and rebuilt that include sharing, text correction, and many more.

  • Maps Improvements
(Maps will include more detailed)
Look Around new that acts like Google Street view same as it moves forward and turns around.

  • Sign in with Apple

(Apple has a new single sign-in API that allows apps and websites instantly accepts with Touch ID or Face ID).

  • A new Keyboard option 

(Apple has re improved the keyboard, which it calls as Quick Path).

Some More Improvements.

  • cloud account.
  • photo editing options.
  • multi-step Siri shortcuts.
  • New and Improved Wallpapers.
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