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What is 5G technology


What is 5G technology

Here the new era of revolution, that is the 4G is replaced with a new faster network that has the potential to transform the internet 5g. Boosting its internet capacity and thus improving its visitor's online experience. what is 5g and what will it mean for you? in the U.K for example, 3G and 4G networks were relatively cheap to set up because they were able to roll out on existing frequencies on the country radio spectrum. Top brands like Huawei and ZTE of the local companies are about to launch big 5G trials. Nearly half of all mobile connections in the U.S will be 5G will be 49%.

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When can we start using 5G?
well not yet and according to some analysts not until 2020. 5g was created years ago and has talked up ever since. Yet it's estimated than ever by 2025, the network will still lag behind both 4g and 3g in terms of global mobile connections.

what is 5g spectrum?

  • 5g is a software-defined network.
  • it means that while it went replace cables entirely it could replace the need for them by largely operating on the cloud instead.
  • This means it will have a 100x better capacity than 4G- which will dramatically improve internet speeds.

what is 5g wifi speed?

  • For example, to download a two-hour film, on 
  • 3g would take about 26 hours,

what is 5g speed?

  • on 4g you'd be waiting 6 minutes,
  • on 5g you will be ready to watch your film in just 3-4 seconds.

what is 5g iot?

  • With 4g response time will take up to 0.045 milliseconds but within 5g it will take around 0.001 millisecond that means 400 times faster than the blink of the eye.
  • A reduction in time delay is critical.
  • could be the connectivity tissue for the internet of things, and industry that set to grow threefold by 2025, linking and controlling not just robots,

what is 4g 5g technology?

  • 5G will also provide a much more personalized web experience using a technique called network slicing.
  • it is a  way of creating separate wireless on the cloud,
what is 5g fwa?
For 5G to work properly however it needs a frequency with bigger bandwidth
what is 5g nr


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