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WhatsApp Lastest Tricks: Hey guys! iam with a new and interesting topic for the daily using of whatsapp that you might not know so today ill make you to Whatsapp tricks to be used that are hidden. As per now many Whatsapp tricks & tips have come but this is something other than that you must try to Whatsapp tricks online in this one you will be able to do buy your own with simple Whatsapp tricks without any third-party apps. But now for business purposes, many Whatsapp business tricks have been created for maechentise. Too many searches among whatsapp tricks 2018 but this is the old whatsapp tricks but maight bee useful for you very much. The hidden whatsapp spying tricks are very tricky one can be used by an android user even ios users too. For everything in this whatsapp features that are unknown whatsapp tricks and tips is one of them but with the below whatsapp tricks you will be unlocking every feature.


please don't install any whatsapp tricks download to access these tricks because it may harm your device and may not work properly.

This is here I daily work for you guys with a proper handle of all the TRICKS & TIPS and all the informative stuff regarding TECH like GADGET REVIEWS, HOW TO, MODDDED APKS, unlock your self is my main motto.

  • CTRL+P

open status of our profile.

  • CTRL+E

chat archive

previous chat

  • CTRL+N

New conversation.


next, chat further.


Swipe font

the online store makes it a Squarespace so guys lets get into it okay so the first thing I want to show you guys is some pretty epic customizing.
you can actually customize it quite a bit so firstly you can choose an emoji pop it wherever you want 

Line Thickness

while we're on the topic of customizing there are still some more things you can do so say for example you have the flame palettes and you click on this pencil icon you can, of course, change the colors but if you click and drag you can change the thickness of the pencil.

Meme Stickers

now this is a fun one guys if you click on the emoji icon o the left-hand side  there and then on the stickers icon you'll actually have a couple of stickers but if you click on the plus sign you can add some more which is so epic you can also scroll down to the bottom says get more stickers and then choose from the whole bunch of other ones so I found these whatsapp.

Voice Record Extras

make your friends low when you send these stickers something I recently discovered on whatsapp ad its so obvious guys is if you click ad hold down on the record utto usually
you chat right ut if you see here there is actually a little lock icon and it also says slide to cancel.

Private Status

you want two spaces to be private guys click o these three dots I the top right-hand corner then select privacy and literally just like that you can select for all your contacts to see your status all your contacts except a couple people or only with the people you select.

Read Receipts

contacts except for a couple people or only with the people you select read receipts ow as you guys know when you type out a message and send it to someone when they receive the message there's usually two great ticks and then once they've read the message
 those ticks usually turn blue so ow if you don't want someone to see that you've read
the message what you do is click on these three dots in the top right-hand corner get on over to settings then account and from the account you're gonna click on privacy once in
privacy you will see this little area where you can toggle off read  receipts so now people will now know when you've read the message however you  will not be able to see when they've read your message so as you can see you've sent it but the text will remain grey because you've totaled off the settings.

Swipe right

will not be able to see when you have read their message capisce okay ow this one is pretty simple let me know in the comments if you already know this one but when you say chatting in a group but you can actually do to quickly respond to older messages, for example, this one is swipe right over it and it'll instantly create a reply window it's such a quick easy way to respond to messages  not only instantly but also ones that were sent ages ago so this is really cool because if you have in two conversations within the same group you can literally swipe right to reply to that exact message tarn ft is that.


Do not install any apps to do this trick.
Hereby default whatsapp features that you don't know but here is everything explained with trick and can do by your own.

if you have any queries regarding these tricks & tips let comment below?

If you know any hidden tricks & tips let doo comment down ill add by the next update. So credits will be given to the user.


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