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Whatsapp Business Features

Whatsapp Business Features

How you are doing friends! WhatsApp has finally launched for marketers WhatsApp upcoming features Here we go hello friends today I am here to share about the WhatsApp business features that impact on Whatsapp upcoming features 2019. Many WhatsApp features list 2017 that is still updated from day to day till now. For small businesses who cannot really invest in landing pages, you can't really make use of WhatsApp for Whatsapp Business

WhatsApp New features list
  • Dark Mode
  • Frequently Forwarding
  • Hide Muted Status

Its a latest version of WhatsApp there it's not much difference 

Bug on Whatsapp

Around 8 pm millions of WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, users in India face difficulties on downloading pictures and not able to see status Recently a bug that crash for last 5-6 hours a day till night hours. It cost many thousand dollars to the Whatsapp Business.

WhatsApp marketing features are growing 

What is  Whatsapp For Business Account?

  • This is the separate app that you want to download in the play store as well as if you are using ios devices download Whatsapp business in the app store.
  • Facebook and another platform you can directly make a business that can directly go to your WhatsApp business account by sending or opening a link in the FB.
  • Auto reply WhatsApp for  business you to create auto replay messages and its a part of marketing strategy.
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How To Get a Whatsapp For Business?

Steps to get it for free account:

  • Download WhatsApp business app.
  • Need a private personal number. 
(to start, don't get started with your registered WhatsApp mobile number)
  • Register with your Company 
(Name for once it cannot be changed again.)

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Whatsapp Dark Mode:

whatsapp dark mode is the new feature that coming out with Android Q and ios 13 by the end of September. But why to wait for that time without any do let's get into the whatsapp dark mode feature. Many users are waiting for this new feature for devices.

steps go to settings 

For ios devices

->Go to->Settings->General->accesability->colores->invert colors.
finally done with dark mode by enabling it to tap on.
ios devices like iPhone 5,iPhone 5SE,iPhone 6,iPhone 6+,iPhone 7,iPhone 7+,iPhone 8,iPhone x,iPhone XR,iPhone xs max.

For Android:

Android Q beta versions are available for WhatsApp dark mode just simple by go to->setting->themes->dark mode->enable it by tapping on.recently launched mobiles like one plus, mi, Samsung,vivo, oppo, reno, and many more all are working hard as regarding updates. The promises have given by the companies that for the next coming years.

whatsapp dark mode saves the battery life more and more in android as well as for ios devices.

whatsapp is most downloaded app #1 in the android devices and ios devices and now you can use it to the pc as well. whatsapp is most and widely used in the present era in the world anywhere and everywhere. Daily some billions of messages, audio, videos, documents and more are sending and receiving towards it. You can download via playstore&App store having top ratings.


In this article,

I am here to get a Whatsapp for a business account and it easy to get improve your business through Whatsapp directly it increases your orders.

WhatsApp is the most worlds downloaded app ranking #1 on android and app store.

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