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apple products are y expensive?

Let's Face It. Apple Products Have Never Been Cheap. And The Cost Of Some Of Its Products Has Increased Dramatically Over Time, Just Look At The Price Of The iPhone Has Increased Over The Years. What Started At $499 In 2007, But Noe Starts At $999.The Lifespan Of A Smartphone Is Getting Longer, Which Means Customers Just Aren't Upgrading As Often As They Used To.


Well, Some Say It Boils Down To No Other Reason Than The Fact That Apple Can Convince To Pay The Hefty Price. There Is An Even Unofficial Term For This Phenomenon. Its Called The Apple Tax Which Describes The Extra Money Customers Are Willing To Pay For An Apple Product Over A Competitor Product With Similar Features.

And Often It's Attributed To So-Called Cool Factor Associated With Apple. It's Those Premium Prices That Helped Carapult Apple To become One Of The Worlds Most Valuable Companies. And At The Start Of 2019, It Announced It Was Holding A Whopping $245 Billion In Cash Reserves. But Apple Would Argue Customers Are Paying A Premium For A Reason.

In 2018, Apple Ceo Tim Cook Defended The Company Most Expensive iPhone Yet, Saying That We Have Done With Most Advanced iPhone Ever. Pointing Out It Had to Replace The End For The Other Devices Like Camera, Video Recorder And Music Player. He Argues Creating The Most Innovative Product Available Is Not Cheap To Do. Apple Will Never Sacrifice Quality For Price. So All That Money You're Shelling Out For Your New iPhone Is At Least In Theory. Helping To Fund Future Innovations Like It. Innovations Are What Helped Apple Earn Its Stripes. It's A Phone First And Foremost As You'd Expect From The iPhone.So You've Got All Your Contacts On There But It's Different To Most Mobile Phones, It Syncs With Your Computer.

The Original Ipod And The iPhone Have Both Been Touted As Products That Changed The World.
When The Original Ipod Came Out In 2001 It Costs $399, A Staggering Price For A Personal Music Player At The Time. Apple Aggressively Marked The Ipod As A Device That Could Store 1000 Songs In Your Pocket. All Of This Costs Cusp Of The Digital Download Revolution.

In Less Than 6 Years Apple Announced Than More Than 100 Million Ipods Has  Been Sold Away,
Making It Fastest Sellers Ever In The History. For A Lot Of Those Customers, The Ipod Would Become The Forst Of Many Apple Purchases So Ultimately. Think Of It Like Apple Sort Of Having A Monopoly On A Customer Digital Life.

The iPhone, Which Debuted In 2007 Would Ultimately Replace The Ipod, And This Was Responsible For Even More Impressive Growth. iPhone Growth Has Been Increased By Year On Year Its Peak 231 Million In 2015. That's More Iphones Than There Are People In Most Countries. But As A Publicity Traded Company Apple Is Expected To Grow For Its Shareholders. And One Possible Way To Combat Declining Sales To Size Prices.

In 2018

The Price Of The Base Apple Watch Went From $329 To $399

And An Apple Gold Watch For $10,000.An Analysis In 2017 Found That The iPhone X Cost 25% More Than The iPhone 8 To Make,
According To One Firm, The iPhone X Costs $357.50 To Make. But Since It Sells For $999 That Gives A Gross Margin Of 64%. To Grow Sales In The World Most Populous Contru China, And While Its Been Met With Some Sucess It Also Faces Serious Competition.

Ironically The Seer Expensive Of Apple Products Has Hurt Sales In Countries Like China, India, Brazil, Turkey. But Compared To Its Competitors Inchina iPhone Costs A Lot.
It Costs Close To $1,400, In China Essentially Twice The Price Of Huawei's Mate 20 And Three Times The Cost Of Xiaomi Mi Mix 3.


The In Mid 2018 Apple iPhone Fell Third Place Amongst The List Of World Most Popular Smartphones. At The End Of The Day, Most Experts Agree That Apple Needs To Come Up With New Innovations.
And Not Just Raise Prices In Order To Hold Onto Its Price As One Of The Worlds Most Valuable Companies.
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