Friday, 2 August 2019

how to enable DARK MODE in CHROME

dark mode chrome

hi guys ! today we all got to know recently upgraded chrome dark theme version of chrome for android which is version 69 came with a lot of new dark mode chrome interesting features some of them are the new material theme support for dark mode chrome android display cutouts and also the option to rename downloads and changing the download folder but you know what's missing the dark mode for chrome now its 2019 we caught with dark reader chrome the screen with AMOLED display and the features has been there on youtube app which again from the google for quite a few months now.

update chrome

here first off you're going to download or upgrade to the latest version of google chrome.
once you got to download and get installed.
we can use a new built-in a feature inside GOOGLE CHROME itself but that does cover all of the websites.
the DARK MODE won't work on an older version of google chrome.
built-in a version that they're gonna have on the new google chrome its be just a little command you have to put.
ill show you how to do that right now.
at first thing we need to do is test what browser version we've got now you need version 76 to be able to use the dark mode inside chrome.
so go the three dots and help about google.


  • go to google chrome right click on the icon go to the properties inside here we have to add an extension on the end target here.
  • --force-dark-mode
  • just keep a little space before the -- okay.
  • just apply and click ok.
  • that now have a look we have installed the dark mode on our browser right now.
  • just right click on the chrome and go-to target.
  • just remove that part we just added so just delete.
  • apply ok.
  • go to google chrome.
  • website.
  • Search for dark mode for google chrome.
  • which is created by Kerry Blair click and install.
  • this extension will give you the whole chrome dark mode.

yeh! DARK MODE well i think dark mode is very important to protect your eyes if you're on the computer a lot and you're doing a lot of looking at the screen with the white background it can be quite damage to your eyes and using a darker theme ar a darker mode to protect your eyes a little bit especially when you're looking for the long time we're just going ahead to install and get it.


do it you can enable it to disable it have it running whenever you like and on certain sites that you pretty much, it for this one so that's basically how you can do dark mode in google chrome two versions.

i hope this will be helpful to you guys.

have a great day.

ill see you in the next one.


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