Sunday 4 August 2019

Top smart BULBS to buy


so recently xiaomi released me smart led bulbs in India and i am one who is the biggest xiaomi fan ever ,so really getting in to the real stuff is smart light bulbs led one to get it bulb is the only smart bulb that's bang for your buck well we looked on amazon for smart led bulbs wifi tonnes of bulbs with low to high - even flagship lights like lohas smart led bulbs


  • Phillips 
  • Panasonic RGB bulb
  • TP-link LB1100 wifi smart light
  • mi LED wifi 10W smart bulb
  • Wipro next smart LED bulb
  • syska smart light bulb
  • Manassa smart shine bulb


okay,next we have the smart bulb from tp-link is quite popular from amazon but after using it i like it now just lets us take a look at its features first up its a smart world which means it works with the app this particular one doesn't have b22 based so you need to invest a bit more separate converter as well.
the installation was very pretty tedious but that's the case with pretty much every smart bulb as they only work with 2.5 GHz network unlike all the other bulbs in the list has no colors but you can use tp-link casa app to remotely turn it odd-on even when you are not at home.
there is another option to schedule on and off which makes sense if you are using it in your driveway and it also works with google home and eco. but even if you dont have the smart speakers you can still use this integration with google assistant on your phone check.

EVERY DAY A NEW SMART LED BULB PROS & CONS, REVIEWS WILL BE UPDATED IN so stay tuned for amazing under 1000 gadgets.


so the first one in our list is Panasonic this one is not exactly a smart bulb but this is the exact reason why it made in to a list so in the package you will get a 7w bulb and a remote to change the color as  so here's how it works you just plug this in you're all set there is no installation required you can also use it to remote turn off or on the bulb or change the brightness from 70-100% it would have been better if it works like 25-75% instead you will get the colors like red, green, blue, soft white.
so the range is pretty good to we were able to control the bulbs from 10 feet which are like average size room in India through it will work just like a regular LED bulb overall this makes sense when you dont have wifi at your home especially if you are senior citizens who will just like to use a remote instead of app to simply turn it off.


next step we have this Wipro smart led bulb the bulb looks like a bit different in the appearance also with 9w but viper offers 810 lumen which is slightly better than syska which offers 720 lumens but then things get interesting when you come to down.


the first thing you will notice that tp-link you will need e27 to b22 converter this one not only looks better than the others but the application is also more feature in rich it also supports 16 million colors which is a fancy way of representing the RGB palette but i will take it the only caveat though it doesn't work without the internet which doesn't make any sense but leaving that aside it has all the basic options like integration with google assistant,Alexa all the fancy features i wish it also has music integration.
just like any xiaomi product, this one is value for money i conned it.


This is the major disadvantages that if it doesn't work on wifi also means that you can use it in places where you dont have wifi like many ti2 and ti3 cities in India also the basis b22 which means it will fit right in any Indian socket.


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