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WINDOWS 10 APPS that you must try

WINDOWS10 APPS that you must try
win10 Microsoft apps

Microsoft Windows 10 apps store looking for the decent apps on the store windows 10 apps windows store can prove to be a tough task with all the negative reviews and lack of updates which is why ahead i have done with a lot of pc app store windows work for you to get these apps.

Microsoft store India shows you seven must have windows 10 apps that you should download right away so let's get right to it.



at firstly is WPS office 2019 a free to use a suit best windows 10 apps 2019 with which you create or edit word document spreadsheets and presentations the app has a very functional UI that lot look likes Microsoft office which means that you won't face any issues switch in to it but it's tabbed browsing feature is what really sets is a part in the app all your documents are open in separate tabs just like what you are used to on browser allowing you to quickly switch between tasks without having to worry about opening and closing files repeatedly it also packs in thousands of premium templates that you can use in to kickstart your work and it even allows you to backup all your documents in the cloud and take them with you where ever you go the app includes supports 12 languages and a wide variety of office file formats right from the most common used dot, Docx, X files to its own WPS files.


next up we have one commander windows store a power-packed file manager app that puts the stock windows file manager to shame packs in a ton of amazing features like the ones found on mac OS devices that makes file organisation a simple process on windows it offers a dual-pane view with a convenient dark theme file preview abs and a simple keyboard navigation along with that there;s long Unicode path support patch file operations the ability to add tasks or nodes to any folder and quickly preview of file metadata right from the explore.
trust me if you are started using one command you will never feel like going back to the stock file manager now if you dint want to use the file manager and you still want to a quick preview feature on your system just like the one you would find on the mac then you should definitely download quick look.


as the name suggest the app windows 10 apps store lets quickly preview any file without opening it all you need to do is run the program select a file and hit the spacebar you'll instantly get a quick preview of the file you select and the best part is that after you run the app once it will keep running in the background even you restart your system which means that you'll be able to see a preview instantly pretty neat right.


ear trumpet is another great utility windows 10 apps store that you should get right away if you wondering what it does then allow me to demonstrate the stock volume control on windows 10 just allows you to control the system volume from the taskbar but with your trumpet you'll be able to replace the stock volume control feature with a better interface that not only lets you control the global volume but also the volume of every app individually this can really handy when you've got a couple of different program running on your system and you need to change the volume of a particular one without affecting all the others.


Here all the users please make a note that this site is really working too hard to get all these stuff so please be keep that in the mind.

let please comment down below if these apps are really helpful for you.
which app do you prefer most in windows 10 Microsoft app store?


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